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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last Minute Summary Notes for Audit

This is a notes, which is made by me on the basis of my note book and my studies. Its is a Shortest Summary of Audit Subject of IPCC Group-2. Click on the Image for free download "Last Minute Summary Notes for Audit" for IPCC May 2013 attempt.

 Click Here to DOWNLOAD

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  1. friend ur notes designed and prepared are covering almost syllabus of auditing but there is more enhancement as they are not updated by the revisions of SA made by the AASB. Its a suggestion from my piont of
    SA 200 (AAS 1) is revised as overall objectives of independent auditor and the conduct of audit in accordance with SA.

  2. yogesh sir its a very good material thank you!

  3. Thanks for your feedback @Abhash.
    These are the notes which are prepared by me at the time of my exams. Now, I'm busy with my exams. So will give my 100% in updatation as compatible for next attempt if possible.

    Thanks @sailaja


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